The brief was to create the visual identity for the brand Alté Nation.  From the brief, this brand is a creative industry with the urge to bring the creative community together to express themselves fully and experience other art forms. “A space to create without boundaries”
The Logo
In a bid to create the logo, understanding what Alté means was imperative, based on the definition the client provided which was really helpful - “Alté is used to describe young individuals across various parts of Africa creating paradigm shifting ideas in art, tech, music, fashion and culture that wasn’t generally accepted or done in previous generations. These young individuals have a distinct taste in who they are and how they represent themselves. They’re proud of their individuality and wear it on their skin confidently. You’ll find them in emerging scenes across all mediums. They’re the pioneers of a new age in Africa’s future.”

This definition helped to shed more light on the core idea of the brand. I pondered on a phrase that was stated from the brief “A space to create without boundaries”  which got me thinking, spaces do have boundaries but from a creative perspective, we see beyond many limitations around us. Based on that I created a logo with no rules! i.e measurements, alignments etc. A freehand custom made typography to define our freedom to create.
Multiple sketches were made to come up with a solid logo design that would work best for the brand.
Also not repeating the same font style for every repeated letter was intentional i.e A, T & N to show the different uniqueness in creatives because these young individuals have a distinct taste in who they are.
The yellow colour on the accent was made to lay emphasis on what makes the name “Alté” to stand out and the color yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, intellect, and honor.

Design Applications
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