Chippy is a new brand of potato stackable snack with high quality and all-natural flavours. The brand, with its Mexican origin, has 3 different flavours i.e Pepper, Cheese and Onion flavour. 

Create an attractive visual identity and packaging that allows Chippy be among the we'll recognized potato chips brand and also have a Mexican feel to it.

Logo: I designed a colorful brand identity for Chippy that helps it stand out in the category. The wordmark is built of a sharp hand drawn typography inspired by the Mexican patterns and can appear in a variety of colors for different flavors. ​​​​​​​
Packaging: My approach for the packaging was to create a fun and exciting look and feel to the product using a Mariachi mascot who is showing a sign of excitement to the consumer for choosing the product among others. Mariachis are one of first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Mexican music and celebrations. Also making sure the content of the product is very visible can easily be Identified when picking a a flavour of your choice.
Mascots designed by Segun Samson
360 View
UI for the Chippy website
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